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As employees of Insomniac, Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin have been proud to be a part of the amazing team behind the Ratchet and Clank series on Playstation. Insomniac Games’ distinctive humor, amazing visuals, ingenious design and ground breaking technology have brought to life two of the most iconic video game characters to date.

This unlikely duo has travelled to all reaches of the galaxy, fought countless armies of marauding robots and foiled the plans of the most nefarious villains. With 10 titles and over 2.5 Gazillion games sold worldwide, the vast universe and diverse characters continue to deliver an experience like no other.

The galaxy is a pretty big place, and our job tends to revolve around filling it with as much intergalactic strangeness as possible. As Principal Artists on the franchise, we’ve been given the amazing opportunity to wear many hats, including character & environment design, weapon creation, modeling and marketing. And dancing. Lots of dancing.


lifeforms of a different breed

NPC ExplorationNetherSuzieOctomothSigmundRusty Pete & Captain SlagPlumpous EliteKerchu RollerFish & ShipsGiant ClankBrawlerElderFlabberfishDinklesCrawdaddyMinionBoilerKerchu TractorDr. CroidCronk & ZephyrNevoFongoidsAgorian BeastZurgoThug HeadsMoon Beetles & War GrokAgorianTachyonThugs 4 LessTharpod Kids


the solana galaxy and beyond

Moon BaseCavernsControl RoomCavern AttackExplorationBridgeVillageAlien TreeCave HutsMoonTracksSorting FacilityCanneryMoon LayoutMonitor RoomFactoryEngine RoomCroid's LabCroid CollectionCreature Collector


locked, loaded and ludicrous

Gattling GunWeapon EffectsWeapon Exploration 1Weapon Exploration 2Repulsor and Nether BladesGravtether and WinterizerSonic DisruptorZombitron


cover to cover

Ratchet FutureThe LeviathanMetropolisKerchu BattleQuest for BootyA Crack in TimeAll 4 OneFull Frontal AssaultThe PortalInto the NexusR&C Comic: Issue 1R&C Comic: Issue 2R&C Comic: Issue 3R&C Comic: Issue 4R&C Comic: Issue 5R&C Comic: Issue 6Nefarious ScreenprintRatchet Vinyl DesignQwark Vinyl DesignCollectors Vinyl Set


pushing the polygons

Dr. NefariousAphelionCaptain QwarkBrawler MinionClankGround RobberDr. CroidSuper SuitTankAlpha ClankR.Y.N.O.RatchetCaptain DarkwaterCrawbabyThug FighterSuzieTalwynCivilian RobotLawrenceRusty Pete

Ratchet & Clank on PS4 might be the best-looking game I’ve ever played.

The Verge

From the sophistication and great detail of the graphics alone, this is looking to be one of the most visually impressive games of this console generation.


Animations are buttery smooth; each scene is bursting with activity and details, and it all looks absolutely gorgeous. For decades, game makers have been clamoring for the moment when users feel like they are playing a Pixar movie, and Ratchet and Clank could finally be it.

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