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Since 1912, Palindrone Industries has led the creative charge in electronic engineering. From the forefront of wireless telegraphy in 1913 to the first practical use of electromagnetic transmogrification in 1918, our engineers have worked relentlessly to shape the world of tomorrow for our customers today.

Fourteen years later, the name you’ve grown to trust is proud to announce the next level of mechanized production: the Palindrone Robotic Comrade. Utilizing our decades of experience, the Palindrone represents the purest blend of form, function, and dependability. Crafted from the finest titanium alloys and powered by our historically stable circuitry, our engineers have developed a line of robotics that will truly stand the test of time.
Customers Served

Minion Reliability and Compliance


Successful Household Integration

In addition, each PRC comes complete with our patented Command Memorization Diometer. Heralded in our Elderly Companion series, the CMD now boasts twice the memory for faster start times and provides our largest command retrieval set ever. The Palindrone is ready to listen, learn, and execute.



At Palindrone Industries we’re committed to our heritage of service and ingenuity. From the research lab to the living room, our mission revolves around providing each customer with the tools they need to lead happy and productive lives. Thank you for joining our family and remember, when it comes to robotics, there’s no substitute: Palindrone.

The mean kids at school used to pick on me every day on my way home from school. But ever since mom and dad bought my new Palindrone Civilian Defense Bot “Greep”, those bullies are long gone!

Billy Preston

My Palindrone Assistant Drone has been such a dream to have around ever since I lost my Walter. Now, everyone in my bridge club has a Gribble on order for themselves, and most of their husbands are still alive!

Beatrice Frazer

When I decided to take over the world again, finding the latest in robotic armies was really important to me. Palindrone Industries worked with me to develop just the minions I needed, and this time, I'm sure to win!

Oswald Bodain