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A Box of What?a peek behind the cardboard

At its core, CreatureBox is for anyone who enjoys bizarre monster design, comics of spacemen, and illustrations of everything in between. For the past several years, we’ve spent most of our time digging deep into what makes characters tick while trying to tell a few stories along the way. We’ve had influential childhoods filled with cartoons, robots, and aliens while always hunting down the next adventure. But who are these crazy kids?



My Dad bought me my first comic from a CVS pharmacy on the outside of town. In the hands of a highly impressionable kid, those 28 pages of newsprint instantly transformed into a universe of possibilities. My world was dramatically changed and countless discoveries followed—but none were as impactful as Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes. From that moment on, my course was set. I wanted to be a cartoonist.



As a kid, I had at my disposal a workshop littered with every imaginable tool anyone could want. I spent hours inventing obedient robots, fashioning armor and careening down hills in my latest go-kart. While I may not be in a basement tinkering away anymore, I find myself still wandering in that world; experimenting with new ideas and concepts looking to take on the next great saga.